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More Fitness Favorites!

Happy Monday!  I hope you had a great weekend!  Despite working Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, I had time to fit in some fun and a great long run!  Here’s a little recap in pictures:

cupcake root beer float wine

I indulged quite a bit this weekend…it’s quarter end at work and everyone is putting in overtime.  Treats are often provided on the weekends to try to distract everyone from the fact they’re working while the rest of the world is off having fun enjoying summer.  The wine was my treat AFTER work on Friday night 🙂

mommy rossi purple pjs rossi hawkeye cheerleader giant fork

Sometimes Rossi and I wear matching purple pajamas.  We’re cool like that.  Rossi got her very first haircut this weekend!!!  Her hair has been in her face for…oh…months now.  She refuses to wear clips and cries when we try to pull it up, so a haircut was the only option.  She can see now!!  Oh, and that big fork?  I had a wonderful lunch with a friend on Saturday.  The food was great, the company was better, and the silverware was…MASSIVE.  Seriously, we felt so silly eating with those utensils!

garmin 11 miles

I had 9 miles planned for my long run on Sunday, but I felt great and my running partner felt great, so we pushed it out to 11 miles!  Absolutely no knee pain, lungs and legs felt strong, and the weather was nice!  It was a little humid, but not too hot, and we managed to run during one of the brief windows of no rain this weekend.  It was awesome!!!

And now, for more of my fitness favorites!  This installment will focus on gadgets!!  A healthy, fit lifestyle requires very little…but sometimes new gear can make a big difference when it comes to motivation and accountability.  You can find the first post on Fitness Favorites here.

Garmin GPS Watch: I have an older model and it’s big and bulky, but it gets the job done.  I like that I can run anywhere and know my pace, mileage and duration.  I can look back at my runs to see my splits and how my long runs compare week to week.  This watch also came with a heart rate monitor that I haven’t used, but plan to.  I love the basic functions of this watch, but there is also so much more it can do that I haven’t fully explored yet.  It’s user friendly and you can really make it work for your needs, whether you’re like me and just use it for pacing on the run, or want to really look into the details of your workouts and tweak your training accordingly.

Bose Headphones: These headphones have been a game changer for me!  I never wear headphones when running outside, but I do a ton of running on the treadmill and need music for those runs!  I’ve had a terrible time finding headphones that stay put in my ears, have good sound, and don’t require constant adjustment.  I’ve also only ever been willing to buy headphones that cost no more than $30.  Well, for Christmas last year my husband, knowing my struggle and probably tired of hearing me whine, got me these fancy headphones.  I was skeptical at first, as I haven’t had much luck with ear buds of any kind, but these are awesome!!!  They fit in my ears, stay put, the sound is awesome, they come with two options for cords (shorter and longer), and they don’t require me to adjust them while I’m working out.  I use these for treadmill runs, but I’ve also worn them for some HIIT/cross training workouts.  They stayed put doing burpees, which I would consider to be the ultimate test!  Definitely worth the cost.

Jawbone UP: Activity trackers have been around for quite a while now, but lately they’re really made a big splash in the fitness world and now they’re everywhere.  I received mine for my birthday (hubby really loves buying me electronics and gadgets!), and I didn’t do a ton of research before receiving it.  What I love about the Jawbone is that it’s pretty sleek and it’s too bulky or uncomfortable.  I sleep with mine on every night and aside from more formal occasions I wear it with everything.  It tracks my steps and sleep and syncs with MyFitnessPal so on one app I can see calories burned and consumed.  I can also put in workouts and see trends based on all the data it tracks.  A lot of the information is confirmation (I know I don’t sleep well, I don’t need the Jawbone to tell me that), but seeing the information everyday and having the reminders actually makes me want to do something about it.

I hope you find this post useful!  Tell me, what are some of your favorite gadgets or devices that help you stay on track and push you through your workouts?

I’ve got a 6 mile tempo run planned for today, what’s on your agenda?




One thought on “More Fitness Favorites!

  1. Mama & Mini styles are my favorite, so yes please to the pretty girls in purple pajamas! 🙂 Rossi is so adorable!! I just want to squeeze her.

    Posted by Brittney McNutt | July 2, 2014, 6:27 pm

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