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A Day in the Life

And it’s July.  How did that happen?  I feel like I keep saying, “This summer I will ______,” completely forgetting that summer is already here, and according to the school calendar, almost half over!

I’ve been thinking about what I like to read on blogs and one thing is to see how other people eat.  To get ideas for recipes and snacks, to see how other athletes fuel, and, well, it’s just interesting to see the intimacies of other people’s daily lives; see: reality TV.  So I thought I would write my own such post.  As a stay at home mom, I’m not immune to the question: So what do you do all day?  My first instinct isn’t always to get defensive, as I honestly feel with only one child I have it pretty easy, but I don’t want to downplay my productivity either.  I’m not stressed out and franticly going from one activity to the next, balancing a screaming baby on my hip while mopping the floor…but I could be a lot more lazy than I am.  Plus, I do work two part-time jobs, which, depending on the week, can add up to quite a few hours.  So here’s what yesterday look like, a pretty typical day for me:

7:00 am-7:15am: Wake up to the Rossi alarm.  She’s usually up between 6-7.  I get her a bottle, change her, dress her, and put on coffee for me and the dude.  If the boys are here I’ll be making their lunches and getting them ready for the day as well.

7:15 am-8:00am: Make my breakfast.  I am very much a creature of habit and eat the same things most days without much deviation.  Yesterday I had protein oatmeal.  Recipe at the bottom of the post!  I eat breakfast, check email, facebook, etc.  Drink coffee.

oatmeal recipe

8:00am-10:00am: Blog, play with the baby, give her breakfast, do dishes and laundry.  No appointments at the gym today so we could take our time getting out the door.

10:00am-10:20am: Get ready to go to the gym, pack my bag and Rossi’s, make sure she’s changed and has her water bottle, the diaper bag is stocked, I have my headphones and check my training calendar for my workout.  Head to the gym!

10:30-11:45: Workout!  Rossi plays in child watch and I hit the treadmill for a 6 mile tempo run followed by 6 minutes of planks and some stretching.

Tempo Run:

1.5 mile warm-up easy pace

2 miles at 8:13 pace

1 mile at 8:06 pace

1.5 mile cool down easy pace

Total: 6 miles in 54:30

11:45am-12:30pm: Come home, make lunch for Rossi and do a few chores while she eats.  Put her down for a nap and make lunch for me and my husband.  Most days I make us wraps of some kind.  Yesterday my wrap included: garlic hummus, ham, tomatoes, artichokes, roasted red peppers, spinach, a dash of buffalo sauce and half a slice of cheese.  I also had Greek yogurt with granola, which is always my post workout snack.

turkey wrap   yogurt granola

12:30pm-2:45pm: Rossi naps, I do more laundry, take a shower, do some emails for work and research some training stuff for my upcoming marathon.

2:45pm-4:30pm: Play with Rossi!  Normally we would go to a park or play outside, but it was yet another rainy day here, so we played inside: colored, read books, watched some Nick Jr., chatted about life, etc.  Oh, I also had an afternoon snack!  A fig bar.  I get these from Costco and I love them.

fig bar

4:30pm-5:15pm: Make Rossi dinner and make myself dinner.  Some days I’ll cook and make a real meal, but a lot of the time we have things going on in the evening so it’s sort of every man for himself.  Tonight I had peanut butter and banana toast, which is not uncommon.  My friend, Stephanie, made this honey (or harvested it?  She’s not a bee, she’s a person), and it is phenomenal!  I can’t believe I’ve been eating that crap out of the plastic bear-shaped container my whole life!

pb banana toast1 pb banana toast 2

5:15pm-5:30pm: Get ready for work and go!

5:30pm-10:15pm: Drive to work and work from 6pm-10pm, drive home.  It was the last day of the quarter and they had extended hours.  They were actually open until 11pm, but they were lucky to get me past 8pm, so I definitely wasn’t going to stay that late!  They ordered pizza for everyone, and even though I had already eaten, I could not resist a slice.  Not needed, but delicious.  And it may have saved my sanity.

taco pizza

10:15pm-10:45pm: Get ready for bed, play some games on my phone, etc.

10:45pm: Lights out!

As I said, I’m a creature of habit, so my days pretty much all go like this.  I do grocery shopping on Fridays and may plan a play date here and there.  I mostly work at the gym in the mornings and will do my workouts then too.  I work at my other part time job on weekends and usually Mondays and Friday nights.

How about you?  Do you eat the same things over and over?  Or do you mix it up?

Workout in the morning, afternoon, or evening?

Have a great day!

Protein Oatmeal (adapted from 12MinuteAthlete):

1 cup water

1/2 cup old fashioned oats

1/2-1 scoop protein powder

1/4 cup dried fruit, or real fruit

1/4 cup almond milk

1-2 tablespoons nut butter

dash of cinnamon

Make oatmeal according to package directions.  With one minute left to cook add protein powder, milk, nut butter, fruit and cinnamon.  Stir together and finish cooking.  Enjoy!



3 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

  1. Have you tried the Kind granola? OMG it is so good – can be pricey but every now and then it goes on sale! Also, Costco has Kashi Crunch for a good price here and it is tasty in yogurt. 🙂

    Posted by CDubs | July 1, 2014, 7:18 pm
  2. Thank you for sharing your food choices! It’s so helpful to see!! I’m definitely going to try the oatmeal recipe and search for those fig bars.

    Posted by Brittney McNutt | July 2, 2014, 6:21 pm

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