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Hardcore Core Circuit

Happy Hump Day!  Usually the week after a holiday seems to drag, but I feel like this week Wednesday totally snuck up on me!  I’m not complaining!  The closer we are to the next weekend the better!  I don’t have to work at either job today, so RoRo and I are taking our time getting going this morning.  We’ll hit the gym for a workout and probably go to the park after naptime.  It’s not easy being us, but we try to keep a positive attitude 😉

Let’s catch up!  Marathon training is going really well, better than expected!  I don’t feel burnt out and even on days when I’m tired or unmotivated I keep the big picture in mind and imagine myself running the Chicago Marathon, feeling strong and confident!

On Monday I completed another “hills” workout on the treadmill:

1 mile easy

4 x 30 seconds fast, 30 seconds easy

8 hill repeats: 90 seconds at 5% incline, 2 minutes flat

Easy until finish

Total: 5.2 miles in 50 minutes

This workout was tough, especially since I was still feeling my speedy, hot 6 miler from Sunday, but I was able to push through.  I kept the pace even on the incline and just focused on each “hill” as it came.  First looking at the workout, 8 seemed overwhelming, so as I was running I tried not to think of how much was left.  Breaking it up really helped me to feel strong on each hill.

Yesterday was a cross-training day.  I was feeling super tired.  I haven’t been sleeping well and it’s catching up to me.  I told myself I just had to do something.  I started with a run/walk on the treadmill and as I warmed up I started feeling a bit better.  I did 1.5 miles on the treadmill, 20 minutes of run/walk, then did a 1K row.  Rowing wears me out!  I love it, but when I do it I really try to push myself, so I usually don’t last more than 10-15 minutes.  This time 1K took me about 5 minutes and I was done!  Today I’ll be doing a running/strength workout, so for yesterday’s cross training I decided to focus on core.  I wrote up this little circuit and after the first round I was kicking myself!  It was hard!  But since it was written down, I just had to complete it!

hardcore core circuit

Here are links to videos of some of the moves you may not be familiar with:


Full Extensions

Plank with Cross Rotation

Suitcase Crunches

Plank Jacks

After naptime yesterday Rossi and went to the park and had fun playing outside!  After dinner she spent some more time in the pool and I relaxed on the deck.  It was a great day!

Oh, last night I finally finished Orange is the New Black!  Have you seen it??  For about two weeks now I’ve only had two episodes left to watch.  I was putting it off, knowing that the new season won’t be out until next summer, but I finally cracked.  And after watching one last night I knew there was no way I could wait to watch the final episode.  It was awesome!  If you’ve seen it, what did you think of the final episode?

I’m off to the gym!  Hope you have an awesome day!




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