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Ballin’ Circuit Workout

Happy hump day homies!

Last week flew by, but this one seems to be dragging!  I feel like it should surely by Friday by now!  It’s been a fairly busy week so far and I’ve got some pretty exciting plans for the rest of the week, so hopefully I can keep my head above water and not crash and burn before the fun stuff comes!

The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous this week!  It’s been in the 60s and low 70s, cool, no rain.  Perfection.  And completely weird for July in Iowa.  I’ll take it!  Monday was my rest day and Rossi and I enjoyed some time outside, including two walks!  Remember how I said I wanted to try to be more active and up my step count on rest days?  Well, it wasn’t a stellar performance, but much better than I would’ve done had I not made that a goal.

rossi plant rossi stroller

Yesterday was Tempo Tuesday for me!  I completed 7 miles on the treadmill, 3 of those at half-marathon pace, which according to my pace calculator (based on my recent 8k time) should be around 8:06/mile.  Umm…that’s fast.  I’ve run a few half marathons and my pace has been around 9:00 min/mile.  But, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m trying to stick to the schedule.  I will train for this race with no fear.  I don’t want to leave any questions as to if I trained hard enough or if I could’ve done more.  At this point, I don’t plan to run another marathon, ever, so I’m giving this one all I’ve got.  And if that little pace calculator says I’m capable of 3:45-3:50 marathon time, then that’s what I’m going to train for.  Here’s what the tempo looked like:

2 miles easy (9:30-9:45 pace)

3 miles at half marathon pace (7:55-8:06 pace)

2 miles easy (9:15-9:30 pace)

I’m not going to lie, those tempo miles felt tough.  But, I did ease into it and found myself feeling more comfortable as I got further in.  It was hard, but not impossible, and I could’ve held it longer, which is the point of tempo.  Overall, I’m happy with this!

Today was a cross training day and even though I woke up feeling good, when it came time for the workout I just felt sluggish.  I’m not sure what the issue was, but I pushed through and completed 2 easy miles on the treadmill followed by a 30 minute Nike Training Club workout; Abs & Butt.  I’ve done this one before and I know I felt stronger last time.

I wanted to share a workout with you that I put together for some clients a while back.  I like to mix things up in my circuit workouts between training for time and training for reps.  So sometimes I’ll say do 10 reps of x exercise and sometimes I’ll say do x exercise for 1 minute.  I occasionally train couples and like to do things for time in that case so that one person isn’t waiting on the other and they can both go at their own speed (one may get 10 reps in a minute and the other might get 20, but they’re both working for the same amount of time).  Give this one a shot and let me know what you think!  By the way, if you don’t own an interval timer, such as a GymBoss, there are a lot of different apps you can download.  I like to use the 12 Minute Athlete App for both the timer and the workouts.  If you don’t want the workouts you can just download the interval timer app for free.  Also, below are videos of some of the exercises you may not be familiar with.

Ballin’ Circuit Workout

Alternating Frogger

Cross Back Lunge w/ Medicine Ball

Burpee to Overhead Press

One Leg Dead Lift w/ Reverse Fly

Plank Walk

Alternating Opposite Arm/Leg Extensions

Basketball Lunge w/ Medicine Ball

Frogger to Sumo Squat

Let me know if you give it a try!!

Have a great day everyone!  I’m hoping to be back Thursday or Friday to fill you in on some fun stuff that I’ve got lined up for the rest of the week!

Question of the day:

Do you wear a heart rate monitor when you run/workout?



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