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Finally!  It’s Thursday!  Every single day this week I’ve thought, “It really feels like it should be Thursday.”  Oh boy.

I think my Monday long run just threw my week off.  And maybe cutting back sugar.  I’m all kinds of crazy this week, in a full on funk!  Plus, I’m running a race on Saturday, and I tend to get a bit of anxiety when it comes to longer distances.  So maybe that’s part of it too.  Oh, and, ya know, just the balancing act we all face with work, relationships, food, fitness, finances, etc.  I’ve read a few blogs lately that have talked about “keeping it real” and not just sharing our warm fuzzies in our posts, but the hard, not so pretty stuff too.  It can be a fine line…my life isn’t perfect, but I’m not ready to make this a public diary.  I don’t even have a private diary.  So for now, can we just agree that I’m probably like you and have good days and bad, sometimes make good decisions and not so good decisions, fall and have to get back up again?  Also, and maybe this is more for me, on the whole I’m pretty damn lucky in this life and I know that.  The major tragedies of my day (I skipped my workout, wah!) are truly just mild inconveniences or set backs, not threats to the safety or well being of me and/or those I love, or even to my very cushy lifestyle.  So, get the hell over it!  Whew, I feel better.  Moving on…

So Monday was the 12 mile treadmill long run.  Tuesday I did a one mile warm up run on the treadmill and then completed one round of this workout:

5-4-3-2-1 workout

Yesterday I did a 50 minute hill workout on the treadmill.  10 hill repeats of 90 seconds-2 minutes with equal recovery time of easy running in between.  I set the incline to 4.5-5% for the “hills”.  It was tough, and I tried to think of a million excuses for why I could only do 8, or 6, or 2 repeats, but I did all 10, and for that I am proud!

Today, as previously mentioned, I just felt run down and tired and unmotivated…so I did nothing.  Since I’m racing on Saturday I’m not going to be too disappointed by that.  I’m going to use today to reevaluate my training approach and move forward!  I haven’t been hitting all of my workouts lately, and some have been less productive or challenging than I would like, so I really want to get back on track next week and make a strong effort to not miss, or substitute workouts for the rest of the schedule.  Chicago is coming up fast and I want to be healthy, strong, and happy when it arrives!

I want to be able to make this face when I’m done, and not be crawling, vomiting, or getting wheeled off on a stretcher…

post race face

What has been the highlight of your week?  What has been the low?



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