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One Year

Tomorrow will mark the one year anniversary of the the day my dad died..the day he died and I didn’t know he would die and I wasn’t there and I couldn’t do anything about it.  He took his last breath with my mother holding his hand, while my brother and I desperately raced to be … Continue reading

A Day in the Life

And it’s July.  How did that happen?  I feel like I keep saying, “This summer I will ______,” completely forgetting that summer is already here, and according to the school calendar, almost half over! I’ve been thinking about what I like to read on blogs and one thing is to see how other people eat.  … Continue reading

Beast Mode

Well hello there!  I totally meant to post yesterday…but then I didn’t.  Oops!  I did a workout in the morning, felt great, and then completely hit a wall!  I’m feeling a bit more energized today, which is good, since RoRo didn’t nap and I couldn’t rest if I wanted to! Yesterday I did another hills workout … Continue reading

Guess what day it is!!!

Happy hump day everyone! I’m packing up and getting me and the little one ready to head to my hometown today.  Hubby and the boys will meet us there Friday.  I’m pumped to see my brother (Dusty!) and his fam and have some quality time with everyone for a few days.  It will be hectic … Continue reading

Treadmill Hills Workout

Good morning!! Happy Monday!  I have to confess….since becoming a stay at home mom (still working part time), I actually look forward to Mondays.  I usually work most of the weekend and it’s all a bit chaotic balancing work, workouts, family time, and chores around the house.  By Monday, things slow down and I can … Continue reading

Sunday Funday…

…for some people.  This girl had to work.  Here’s an inside look into how a four hour Sunday afternoon shift at a call center goes down: I had to work at the gym first, so I was sporting my super cool pink Y shirt with the pony tail…hence I look a bit silly with the … Continue reading

May 2014 Wedding

It took two months of NTC workouts and daily running to fit into this dress – and now It hangs on the back of my closet door. There’s a metaphor in this somewhere, not sure exactly what… But damn I felt pretty.

Setting up a blog…

running 7 miles and doing a 100 burpees is a lot easier than setting up your own blog.. in fact so far I’ve just about managed the title…

Chicago Marathon

The Big DayOctober 12th, 2014
The big day is here.


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